What’s up everybody? Today, we’re going to be going over the top five best guns for deer hunting.

Getting that big buck is the one thing on every deer hunter’s mind every season. You probably had a few close calls or you came up with absolutely nothing last year. At the same time, you’re probably looking to retire that one rifle you’ve used in past seasons for something completely different.

You’re probably looking for a rifle that will be reliable, excellent in performance, and worth using for many deer seasons to come. So with that said, let’s get started with the first gun on our list.

Deer Hunting

Ruger American

First up is the Ruger American. If there is one caliber that is reliable when it comes to deer hunting, it’s the 30-06. It’s been the go-to for many big game hunters for the longest time.

This gun is a bolt action rifle that can hold up to four rounds. It has a synthetic stock, grip panels, and a rubber buttpad which is perfect for reduced recoil. If you are looking to get an excellent shot without the effect of recoil getting to you, this is the rifle you want.

It’s got swivel studs so you can install a sling and be able to carry around with ease. Overall, it’s reliable, versatile, and performs very well. At the price it’s going for, talk about a steal of a deal.

Ruger American Deer
  • 5Action: Bolt
  • 5Caliber: 30-06 Sprg
  • 5Barrel Length: 22"
  • 5Magazine Capacity: 4
  • 5Weight: 6.2 lb.

Now, the 30-06 may be the go-to for any deer hunter. But what if you are new to the whole thing? This next gun might be right up your alley…


Winchester Model 70 Featherweight

The Winchester Model 70 Featherweight is the rifle you’ll want in your deer hunting arsenal. A .243 rifle is a beginner’s friendly rifle. Yes, it even has enough power to knock down that big buck from a good 300 yards.

Like the Ruger American, it’s a bolt action. It has the ability to hold up to 5 plus one rounds. It’s also lightweight, so you don’t have to lug around something heavy all day long.
The walnut stock makes this look like an old school rifle you can use for decades. It’s got a trigger system with no cree, no overtravel, or any of that funny business that hinders your accuracy.

If you are looking for something that is easy to shoot and doesn’t provide a lot of kick, this rifle does the trick. After all, the Winchester Model 70 has been known for its ability to take down deer for many years.

Again, if you are new to deer hunting or if you are introducing your kid to deer hunting, this is exactly the kind of rifle you’ll want to use. It may sound like an ‘entry level’ deer hunting gun. But it’s pretty reliable and gets the job done whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Ideal for Deer Hunting
  • 5Action: Bolt
  • 5Caliber: 243 Win.
  • 5Barrel Length: 22"
  • 5Magazine Capacity: 5+1
  • 5Weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.

The Remington Model 70 can get you plenty of range at 300 yards. However, this next rifle is known for its long-range capability…

The Savage Arms Axis II XP

The Savage Arms II XP rifle is a 6.5 Creedmoor. If you want to get a rifle that will not only perform well but also goes the distance, look no further. The 6.5 Creedmoor is supersonic and has the ability to go as far as 1200 yards.

Imagine seeing a buck about 1000 yards away. You have the rifle and the rounds that will be enough to put that big boy down in one shot. The Savage Arms II XP or any 6.5 Creedmoor rifle will have that ability.

This has an Accutrigger system that is user adjustable so you can be able to squeeze a shot off with ease. It comes with Bushnell 3-9x40mm scope, it really isn’t that bad to use. However, if you are more comfortable using a better scope, have at it.

It has the ability to hold 3+1 rounds and has a satin hardwood finish. It’s a pretty good looking gun. It’s beautiful, but deadly even at long distances.

Savage Arms Axis II for Hog Hunting
  • 5Action: Bolt
  • 5Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 5Barrel Length: 22"
  • 5Magazine Capacity: 4
  • 5Weight: 7.38 lbs

The Creedmoor 6.5 is fairly new to the club against the old-timers. Such as this next caliber gun for deer hunting…

Henry Singleshot Rifle

The 30-30 is a solid choice, especially if you live in the eastern part of the United States. If you are looking for a good choice, the Henry Singleshot Rifle is what you’ll want to have. This is a lightweight rifle with a tough Walnut stock.

It has a bass bead front sight and allows you to mount a scope of your choice. Aside from that, you only need one shot to pull off the biggest bag of your life. Hence why it’s called a single shot.

A 30-30 does a good job if you want to get a deer into close quarters. If you hunt in areas where its dense, a rifle like the Henry Singleshot can be your best buddy for any deer hunting day.

Henry SingleShot Rifle
  • 5Action: Single Shot Rifle
  • 5Caliber: .30-30
  • 5Barrel Length: 22"
  • 5Magazine Capacity: 1
  • 5Weight: 6.69 lbs.

Let’s take a look at one of our last rifles. And boy, you’re going to love this one…

Savage 110 Engage Hunter

The .308 is one powerful caliber. It’s a hard kicker and will definitely go the distance if you want it to. The Savage 110 Engage Hunter will be all you ever wanted in a .308 rifle.

This has an adjustable length-of-pull, Weaver Grand Slam rings and bases, and comes mounted with a Bushnell Engage 3-9x40mm scope. This is also the rifle that is perfect for excellent accuracy plus better ergonomics.

Yes, this bad boy kicks. But you’ll love squeezing off a shot of it especially if you are an experienced hunter. If you’ve been in the game for a long time, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything quite like this rifle.

Savage 110 Engage Hunter
  • 5Action: Bolt
  • 5Caliber: .308 Win
  • 5Barrel Length: 22"
  • 5Magazine Capacity: 4
  • 5Weight: 7.825 lbs

When it comes to deer hunting, look to one of these five as your best guns for deer hunting. You can find one that will be based on your personal needs and preferences. Whether you want to go long range or keep it close, there’s a rifle out there that is perfect for deer hunting.