.22 Long Rifle caliber never seems to go out of fashion. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner firearm hobbyist, shooting a .22 LR rifle is always fun. The benefit of this design is that it allows for shooting with both hands, unlike pistols where you use only one hand to fire. It can be a good starting point for your child, it can be a practice gun that’s easy to use, or it can be your choice when shooting or hunting on weekends.

.22 LR Ammo is one of the most popular and versatile rounds on the market. It’s affordable, plentiful, and its small size helps even the small shooters manage it. 22 ammo is also light, so you can carry large quantities without adding too much weight to your gear.

.22 LR rifle is light, it has manageable recoil, and ammo is quite affordable and easy to find. All this makes it an ideal choice for learning how to shoot before you move on to a bigger caliber. But it’s not only good for starting out. If you are in the market to buy a rimfire rifle, you should know that it has practical uses as well, and many shooters take it to their hunting trips.
.22 rifles are made to last, and one should last for quite a long time if you take care of it. Make sure to clean it frequently enough, practice general care, and use the best ammo to look after your rifle the best way you can.
While you are searching for the best .22 LR rifle out there, here’s a selection to help you see which ones are most affordable, most popular and well-reviewed, and what the specs of each gun are. Any of these rifles can be the important part that you were missing to complete your firearm collection.
Barrel 16.13″
Weight 3.5 lb
Mag. 8 rounds
Barrel 16.5″
Weight 4.8 lb
Mag. 25 rounds
Barrel 18″
Weight 6.8 Lb.
Mag. 15 rounds
Barrel 16.25″
Weight 5.5 lb
Mag. 26 rounds
Barrel 18.5″
Weight 5 lb
Mag. 10 rounds
Barrel 20″
Weight 6.75 lb
Mag. 16 rounds
Barrel 20 ½″
Weight 5.85 lb
Mag. 5 rounds

Henry U.S. Survival AR-7

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced shooter, this rifle will meet your needs. You can count on accuracy even after thousands of rounds. It’s easy to assemble without any tools, easy to maintain, and it’s highly portable because it’s smaller in size. Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 is equipped with an adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight.
But don’t take our word for it-take from the U.S. Air Force pilots as many of them have named this gun their choice, especially when punching out over remote areas.
Henry U.S. Survival AR-7
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 8 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 16.13”
  • EOverall Length: 35”
  • EWeight: 3.5 lb

S&W M&P®15-22 Sport

This legendary-looking rifle is rewarding to skilled shooters yet easily used by novices, making it a great choice if you are planning on getting your child acquainted with rifles. The M&P15-22 SPORT is lightweight because it’s almost entirely made of polymers while keeping the great aluminum-like looks. Let’s not overlook another benefit of a polymer-made gun which is the cost.
This rifle features a favored Magpul M-LOK™ system, and numerous M-LOK-compatible accessories or Picatinny-style rail sections are available for further enhancing the performance. It comes with removable Magpul MBUS® folding sights and a 2-inch M-LOK rail panel.
S&W M&P®15-22 Sport
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 25 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 16.5”
  • EOverall Length: 33.8”
  • EWeight: 4.8 lb

Ruger Precision Rimfire

Renowned Ruger is well-known for its fabulous firearms, and this rifle keeps up the tradition. With this rifle they are “Bringing the big-gun experience to the rimfire world”. Ruger Precision Rimfire is extremely versatile, allowing you to change it to a lighter or heavier weight, as well as to get a lighter or heavier trigger. It comes at an affordable price and with many satisfied customer reviews.
Ruger Precision Rimfire
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 15 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 18”
  • EOverall Length: 38.63”
  • EWeight: 6.8 Lb.

Mossberg International 715T Flat Top

The Mossberg 715T Flat Top Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle brings precision and versatility. It’s good for plinking, small-game hunting, practicing, and for shooters who wish to later on advance to a centerfire AR platform. Its customizable build allows creating the optimal feel and hold. It features a Picatinny rail so you can mount accessories, which are practically endless.
Mossberg International 715T Flat Top
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 26 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 16.25”
  • EOverall Length: 33”
  • EWeight: 5.5 lb

Ruger 10/22

Ruger 10/22 is one of the greatest rimfire rifle designs in history. It’s good for inexperienced and experienced shooters, having great ergonomics, manageable recoil, and affordable ammunition. It’s extremely customizable, with many third-party companies manufacturing upgrading parts.
10/22 is suitable for target shooting, plinking, and small-game hunting. Every Ruger 10/22 rifle was built in the USA by American workers, and it became legendary since its production in 1964.
Ruger 10/22
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 10 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 18.5”
  • EOverall Length: 37”
  • EWeight: 5 lb

Henry Golden Boy

The elegant looks of the Golden Boy rifle will take you right back to the days of America’s Old West. Besides being extremely visually pleasing, it also balances well and gives you high accuracy for offhand shooting. Whether you use it for small game hunting or at the range, rest assured you will be getting a fine-crafted classic that won’t break the bank.
Henry Golden Boy
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 16 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 20”
  • EOverall Length: 38.5”
  • EWeight: 6.75 lb

CZ 455 American .22 Rifle

This is a well-loved model from the renowned CZ that was discontinued in 2018. Even though its production was replaced by CZ 457, it still gets reviewed often and it can be found at some gun stores, such as Cabella’s.
Reasons for so many loyal advocates are in its high-quality build while staying cost-effective, highly accurate, with well-liked design. It features an adjustable trigger mech, two-position safety, and a 5-rounds capacity magazine.
CZ 455 American .22 Rifle
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 5 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 20 ½”
  • EOverall Length: 38.2”
  • EWeight: 5.85 lb

Browning Semi-Auto 22 LR Rifle Grade I

This fine looking rifle was made using top-notch materials, and it’s one of the nicest looking rifles Browning ever designed. The SA-22 is well-built, with a classic design and a large band of followers since 1914. It’s good for beginners as well as for experienced shooters, suitable for plinking or small-game hunting.
The SA22 can be taken down into two parts – the buttstock and receiver and the forearm and barrel – to make it easy to store and simple to clean. Aluminum scope base and scope are well-liked upgrades for this rifle.
Browning Semi-Auto 22 LR Rifle Grade I
  • ECaliber: .22 LR
  • EMagazine: 10 rounds
  • EBarrel length: 19”
  • EOverall Length: 37”
  • EWeight: 5.3 lb
These aren’t the only good guns out there, but rather our selection of the well-loved and tried-and-true 22 LR rifles. Choosing the best one is always going to be a subject of debate, and finding the gun that works for you is an important decision and personal choice. What’s your favorite 22 rifle? Share your thoughts in the comments.