9 mm Luger is one of the most popular calibers, being fairly light on recoil, affordable, and easy to find. Not only it is powerful enough to stop a threat fired from a concealed gun, but it’s powerful enough to be used by the majority of military and federal law enforcement agencies.

9 mm ammo is used in guns of all sizes and all purposes, including self-defense, range shooting, home-defense, etc. 

9mm guns have many purposes and categories, however, we’ve limited this article to a few that you are most likely considering.


Currently, it can be relatively hard to find ammo because stores don’t always have enough on the shelves due to the high demand. Nevertheless, some stores are still well-stocked with large supplies of 9mm ammo in stock. The ammo is more expensive than usual, but hopefuly it will go down soon.


Concealed carry guns 

When it comes to self-defense, smaller guns are easier to conceal and that is the main reason why people go for smaller guns for personal protection. Compact and subcompact are often chosen, but some people find full-size guns suitable for CCW. Because different people find different sizes and shapes suitable, there are indefinite options for CCW handguns.

Top 9mm Concealed carry pistols:

Home-defense guns

Another field where 9mm guns find widespread use is home-defense. While many guns are designed to be suitable for concealed carry, others can be larger because you don’t have to worry about size when using your gun for protection at home. Because you don’t have to carry it on you, you can go as bulky as you want and typically get a larger magazine capacity.

The bigger and heavier gun will also have less recoil meaning it is easier to shoot. The most important rule about a home-defense 9mm gun is: all adult members of the household should be able to handle it.

Top 9mm Home defense pistols:

Range guns

While some people possess pistols strictly for self-defense, there are shooters who simply want to have fun at the range. Certain 9 mm guns are designed for concealed carry, and there are other categories in which range guns fall into, including competitive shooting, plunking, target shooting, etc. That doesn’t mean that specific pistol can’t be used for other purposes, it simply means that some features work better for a specific purpose. 

Top 9mm Range pistols:

Carry on reading to find some of the most popular 9 mm caliber handguns. Our list is not exhaustive, but rather a limited selection of guns that are bestsellers often found among the favorite guns when it comes to this caliber. 

Spec Overview

Barrel 3.9″
Weight 26 oz.
Mag. 13+1 rounds
Barrel 4″
Weight 20.9 oz.
Mag. 8+1 rounds
Barrel 4.09″
Weight 29.84 oz.
Mag. 15+1 rounds
Barrel 4.49″
Weight 22.04 oz.
Mag. 10+1 rounds
Barrel 4.02″
Weight 20.99 oz.
Mag. 10+1 rounds
Barrel 3.1″
Weight 17.8 oz.
Mag. 10+1 rounds
Barrel 3.1″
Weight 1 lbs.
Mag. 7 rounds
Barrel 5.31″
Weight 25.77 oz.
Mag. 10+1 rounds
Barrel 5″
Weight 24 oz.
Mag. 15+1 rounds

Sig Sauer P320: Most popular multi-purpose 

  • Modular
  • Comfortable to shoot
  • Can be too big for CCW
  • Pricey magazines
This truly modular semi-automatic pistol is suitable for target shooting as well as home defense. 9mm handgun became a standard sidearm for the US military (version M17 for full-size and M18 for carry size), replacing Beretta M9 in 2017. You can get it as a full-size gun, but it also comes as carry, compact, and subcompact.

You can switch many of its main parts to get almost a completely different handgun, including one suitable for concealed carry, or change a backstrap to fit your hand size. It is also available in other calibers, .357SIG, .40S&W, and .45ACP.

Barrel length – 3.9″
Weight – 26 oz.
Capacity – 13+1 rounds
Action – Double Action Only

S&W M&P9 Shield M2.0: Most popular for CCW


  • Good size for conceal carry
  • Textured grip
  • Can be snappy
  • Long reset
This semi-automatic polymer pistol is M&P’s successor chambered in 9mm. It is striker-fired and comes with a 17-rounds magazine capacity. It features a refined trigger and aggressive grip texture for better control. Full-size Shield 2.0 comes with interchangeable grip inserts to find the right fit for your hand. For easier concealed carry, it is also available in the subcompact and compact version. For those who prefer different calibers, there is also an option in .40 S&W, or .45 Auto caliber.
Barrel length – 4″
Weight – 20.9 oz.
Capacity – 8+1 rounds
Action – Double Action Only

H&K VP9: Most popular for home-defense


  • Durable and reliable
  • Customizable grips
  • On the expensive side for its class
Heckler and Koch produced a semi-auto pistol known as VP9 in the USA or SFP in Europe and Canada. VP comes from Volkpistole (people’s pistol), while SPF stands for the striker-fired pistol. It is chambered in 9mm, hence the number 9 in its name. This polymer-framed German-made gun can be used for duty, home defense, or open carry.

The full-size gun features a Glock-like safety and 15-rounds magazine capacity. It features a Picatinny rail for further accessorizes, but there are other variants of this gun for those who prefer to have additional features integrated. Variants of this 9mm handgun are also available for those who prefer to have a smaller sized gun, such as VP Tactical, VP9SK, etc.

Barrel length – 4.09″
Weight – 29.84 oz.
Capacity – 15+1 rounds
Action – Double Action

Glock 17: Most popular for home-defense

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Big for concealed carry
No list of 9mm guns would be complete without a famous Glock 17. This reliable semi-auto pistol is striker-fired and polymer-framed, known for its top-notch reliability. It comes with a standard 17-rounds magazine and signature “Safe Action” trigger system. One of the best-selling guns in the USA, it is used by law enforcement as well as by civilians for home and self-defense, recreational and competitive shooting.

It is a full-size handgun, but it still has its many fans when it comes to concealed carry. Since its introduction in the early eighties, many variations of this gun were designed and became popular for their reliability and durability, such as Glock 17L, Glock 17C, Glock 17MB, Glock17M, Glock 18(selective-fire variant of 17), etc.

Barrel length – 4.49″
Weight – 22.04 oz.
Capacity – 10+1 rounds
Action – Safe Action

Glock 19: Most popular for home-defense

  • Good size for home-defense
  • Great aftermarket
  • Safety features
  • Can be bulky to conceal for some shooters
This semi-automatic pistol is one of the most popular self-defense guns. It is also one of the favorite sidearms for military and law enforcement. It comes with a standard 15 round magazine (or two 10-rounds for state compliance). Like all Glocks, it comes with a “Safe Action” trigger system, having three independent internal safeties.

It is slightly smaller than G17, earning its place in a “compact” category, however, it still provides the performance of a full-size gun. G19 is handy because its reduced size makes it easier to conceal and carry every day, without much compromise on the capacity.

Barrel length – 4.02″
Weight – 20.99 oz.
Capacity – 10+1 rounds
Action – Safe Action

Sig P365: Most popular for CCW


  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Great capacity
  • Can be snappy
A handgun made for CCW is a high-capacity, micro-compact pistol. This lightweight gun is only 1 inch wide and makes an excellent carry pistol. It has a good size-to-capacity ratio, featuring a 10-round magazine while being small enough for easy conceal and everyday carry.

America’s #1 selling gun, is also available as P365XL, featuring a higher magazine capacity while staying on the concealed-carry-size side.

Barrel length – 3.1″
Weight – 17.8 oz.
Capacity – 10+1 rounds
Action – Double Action Only

Ruger LC9s: Most popular for CCW

  • Great for deep-concealment
  • Thin and light
  • The tiny grip can be an issue for some shooters
Sturm, Ruger, & Co. designed LC9s to improve all customers’ concerns about its predecessor LC9, primarily the trigger pull and the loaded chamber indicator in favor of a visual inspection port. This semi-auto striker-fired pistol is incredibly compact and lightweight.

For those who love small size 9mm handguns, LC9s makes a perfect concealed carry weapon. It features a single-stack 7-round magazine, although some parts are interchangeable with LC9 (it is available from the factory with an extended 9-round magazine).

Barrel length – 3.1″
Weight – 1 lbs.
Capacity – 7 rounds
Action – Double Action

Glock 34: Most popular for range shooting 

  • Heavier weight for less felt recoil
  • Longer sight radius
  • Great for range
  • Not versatile
This model makes an excellent target gun and it’s very popular for competition shooting. It shoots fast and accurate bullets, thanks to its long barrel and long sight radius, and a light trigger pull (lighter compared to G17). It features adjustable rear sight, extended slide release, and extended magazine release.

G34 has plenty of firepower with a 17-rounds magazine. The most recognizable feature of this gun is cut out of metal on top of the slide, reducing the weight of the front slide and improving the balance.

Barrel length – 5.31″
Weight – 25.77 oz.
Capacity – 10+1 rounds
Action – Safe Action

Walther PPQ M2: Most popular for range shooting 

  • Great trigger
  • Long sight radius for accuracy
  • Not much aftermarket
  • Costly magazines
Ideal for target and practical shooting, PPQ has a 5-inch barrel and longer sight radius for better accuracy. This version of the popular model has improved ergonomics with a slender grip and interchangeable backstraps to fit anyone’s hand size.

Walther PPQ has an excellent smooth trigger. It is not easy to conceal due to its size, but it makes a perfect gun for those who are thinking along the competitive lines. 

Barrel length – 5″
Weight – 24 oz.
Capacity – 15+1 rounds
Action – Double Action

Is there a handgun on your mind that didn’t make it to this list? What’s your favorite 9 mm gun?

Let us know in the comments.