The .35 Remington is also known as 9x49mm Browning, 9mm Don Gonzalo, and 8.9x49mm. It was introduced in 1906, two years before the semi-automatic rifle it was designed for – Remington Model 8. Three other medium-power rimless cartridges were offered at the time, but .35 Remington is the only from this line-up that is still commercially produced. It is an effective “woods round” suitable for hunting medium and large game, and it works best for short to medium ranges. Learn more about 35 Remington

.35 Remington ammo

In the early 1900s, Remington introduced to the public Remington Model 8 rifle and several cartridges - .25 Remington, .30 Remington, .32 Remington, and .35 Remington. The .35 Remington cartridge has been in production since then, as the only from the line-up of medium-power rimless cartridges to become popular. It’s often used for hunting medium and large game, such as deer, elk, black bear, and others, given the ranges are short or medium.

Other names for .35 Remington:

  • 8.9x49mm
  • 9x49mm Browning
  • 9mm Don Gonzalo

35 Remington Guns:

Remington Model 8
This was the first rifle chambered in .35 Remington and the first commercially successful semiautomatic rifle available for sale to the US civilians. It was introduced two years after the cartridge. It got discontinued and replaced by an improved version of it - Model 81, whose production ceased in 1950.

Marlin Model 336
This is one of the most popular lever-action rifles out there. America’s ultimate woods rifle is ideal for hunting at close to medium range and allows for a quick handling and fast firing.

Other models chambered for this round include Thompson/Center’s break-action Contender pistol, Remington XP-100, etc.

Popular .35 Remington ammo brands:

  • Remington
  • Winchester
  • Federal
  • Hornady
  • Buffalo Bore

The most common 35 rem bullets are 200-grain soft-point, but there are different weights available as well as different manufacturers.

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