Vendors & Advertising

We are accepting new Vendors for ammunition & firearms listings. We may add any reputable site, even without XML feed. Monthly subscription fee is required. Setup Fee is waived. Please contact us for more information.

Ammunition and Firearms listing subscription

To purchase Ammunition and Firearms subscription listing select from the following listings

This monthly fee includes the first 2000 clicks, excess clicks will be billed at 20cents per click at the end of the month. It is the vendor's responsibility to maintain an accurate feed. No refunds will be issued for failing to maintain a feed that is compatible with WikiArms

Banner Adds

To purchase Banner Ads, please navigate here.

Technical instructions

Provided feeds should comply with one of the following formats:
- Offer Feed XML Specification V2 (New) RECOMMENDED
- Offer Feed XML Specification V1 (Old) DEPRECATED

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