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We are accepting new Vendors for ammunition & firearms listings. We may add any reputable site, even without XML feed. Monthly subscription fee is required. Setup Fee is waived. Please contact us for more information.

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This monthly fee includes the first 2000 clicks, excess clicks will be billed at 20cents per click at the end of the month.

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Technical instructions Feeds must comply with these instructions

Supported formats

Feed file should be in XML or JSON format. Subscribing Vendor is required to provide a URL of the feed file compatible with this instructions. The feed should be live or updated regularly to supply accurate data. Every product feed shall contain the list of records where each record represents one product. The feed shall contain only available (in-stock) products.

Vendor may provide single or multiple feed files. One feed file may contain multiple calibers, but in this case every product must provide information about its caliber (caliber field). Feed may also be divided into multiple files grouped by caliber in the way that each feed file corresponds to one Wikiarms caliber, and in this case caliber field in product record is not required.

For the example of supported formats look at last section of this document.

Required data

Every record (product) in feed must contain the following data:

Field name Required Type Description
description required string Contains product title (short description). May not be longer than 255 characters.
url required string Direct link to product page (where a customer may purchase this product).
price required decimal Product price (only digits or dot character, may not contain dollar sign, or other non digit characters).
numrounds required integer Number of rounds for given price.
caliber required if feed file contains multiple calibers string Caliber name.
UPC very helpful integer UPC code.
MPN very helpful string MPN - Manufacturer Part Number.

For detail informations about required data take a look at following instructions:

XML feed shall contain root element <productlist>. Every product (record) shall be represented by <product> element and shall be a child of <productlist>. Element <product> must contain these elements: <description>, <url>, <price>, <numrounds>, and when feed contains multiple calibers it also must contain <caliber> element. Additional elements or attributes may be provided and will be ignored as long as previous requirements are met. A <![CDATA[ ]]> section may be used to add unescaped special characters into XML feed.

JSON feed shall contain an array of objects. Every product record shall be represented by one object in this array. Product object must contain these fields: description, url, price, numrounds, and when feed contains multiple calibers it must also contain caliber field. If additional fields are present in product object they will be ignored as long as previous requirements are met.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <product Type="ammunition">
        <description>223 5.56x45 Ammo 55gr HP Wolf 1000 Round Case</description>

    <product Type="firearm">
        <description>SIG 1911 Scorpion Carry 45ACP FDE</description>

    <product Type="ammunition">
        <description>Tula Ammo 45 ACP 230 Gr. FMJ Steel Case 500rds</description>

    <product Type="ammunition">
        <description>CCI Ammo 40S&amp;W Blazer Brass FMJ 5220</description>
        "type": "ammunition",
        "description": "223 5.56x45 Ammo 55gr HP Wolf 1000 Round Case",
        "url":         "http:\/\/\/product\/223-556x45-ammo-55gr-hp-wolf-1000-round-case",
        "price":       "249.99",
        "numrounds":   "1000",
        "caliber":     "223"
        "UPC":         "076683052209",
        "MPN":         "5220"
        "type": "firearm",
        "description": "SIG 1911 Scorpion Carry 45ACP FDE",
        "url":         "http:\/\/\/product\/sig-sauer-1911car45scp-1911-scorpion-carry-45-acp-42-81-e-972",
        "price":       "899.99",
        "numrounds":   "",
        "caliber":     "45ACP"
        "UPC":         "798681432479",
        "MPN":         "1911CAR45SCP"
        "type": "ammunition",
        "description": "Tula Ammo 45 ACP 230 Gr. FMJ Steel Case 500rds",
        "url":         "http:\/\/\/product\/tula-ammo-45-acp-230-gr-fmj-steel-case-500rds",
        "price":       "142.70",
        "numrounds":   "500",
        "caliber":     "45ACP",
        "UPC":        "076683052209",
        "MPN":        "5220"

        "type": "ammunition",
        "description": "CCI Ammo 40Samp;W Blazer Brass FMJ 5220",
        "url":         "http:\/\/\/product\/cci-ammo-40sw-blazer-brass-fmj-5220",
        "price":       "13.49",
        "numrounds":   "50",
        "caliber":     "40SW",
        "UPC":        "076683052209",
        "MPN":        "5220"
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