6.5 PRC ammo aka 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge is used for precision rifle shooting, hunting, and target practicing. Engineers at Hornady created this new cartridge by necking down the .300 Ruger Compact Magnum case, based on the idea of George Gardner (owner of GA Precision). 6.5 PRC bullet is sometimes referred to as a Creedmoor’s Big Brother, and it became popular for its versatility, firing a fast and flat heavy bullet. Learn more about 6.5 PRC

6.5 PRC Ammo

6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge aka 6.5 PRC is a rifle cartridge introduced by Hornady in 2018 and approved by SAAMI the same year. It is the short-action long-range caliber suitable for hunting, target shooting, and Precision Rifle Shooting.

The idea for its development came from George Gardner, owner of GA Precision. He wanted to make a cartridge specifically for use by Precision Rifle Series competition shooters and that would fit in the short-action receiver. After he settled on the 6.5 caliber, Gardner wanted to use the Ruger Compact Magnum case as a parent to his wildcat cartridge.

Even though Hornady (producing Ruger Compact Magnum brass) was interested in cooperation, at that moment they refused. Their capacity was limited due to the huge ammo shortage in 2013, as they were making brass for other popular cartridges.

Gardner went on to use a SAUM (Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum) and created a 6.5 SAUM. Even though this new cartridge worked well, Gardner still wasn’t completely satisfied with it.

Luckily, Hornady’s operations came back to normal and panic ammo shopping got out of the picture, so they designed a new cartridge according to Gardner’s original idea. Engineers at Hornady necked down the .300 Ruger Compact Magnum case and created what was described as a “magnumized” version of 6.5 Creedmoor and as Creedmoor’s Big Brother.

They created a new 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge, reducing some of the issues that older 6.5 rounds in the past had. 6.5 PRC is very versatile, firing a heavy bullet, fast and flat, with manageable recoil.

Popular brands for 6.5 PRC ammo:

  • Hornady
  • Federal
  • Nosler
  • Barnes
  • Berger

6.5 PRC bullets are available in different grain weights and from various manufacturers.

6.5 PRC Rifle Brands:

  • Axial Precision Rifles
  • Browning
  • Bergara
  • Ruger
  • Mossberg
  • GA Precision, Mauser
  • Savage Firearms
  • Horizon Firearms
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