Trusted Retailer Program

WikiArms Trusted Retailer (WTR) program is aimed at retailers who wish to have their Firearms, Ammo and related products listed on Wikiarms.

Program Details

Program applicants are required to input a small "seal" on their site. It needs to be placed on the retailer's top-level page, in a position of their choosing, which links back to or[yourstore]. We have several different options to choose from, to fit for your site design:

WikiArms trusted retailer
WikiArms trusted retailer

Why working with us?

This will give your visitors a peace of mind when making a decision on purchasing products and make them aware that they are buying from a trusted source. In order to use our seal and be part of our brand "gun deals trusted retailer" dealers must have one of our paid subscriptions. All applicants in our WikiArms Trusted Retailer program are obligated to respond within 24 hours to any inquiries regarding an order by WikiArms users or by us directly.

Optional: If the retailer has a social media presence, we ask that you post a status update to your visitors/friends/followers that you are happy to become a WTR with a link to[yourstore] or , to let your customers know of our new partnership!

For more details, please contact us.

NOTE: WikiArms reserves the right to discontinue a retailer's membership in the WTR program if the retailer no longer meets the defined requirements. WikiArms is not selling or shipping any merchandise listed on our site. WikiArms is a simple search engine. WikiArms is not responsible for any lost shipments, damaged merchandise, lost orders due to failed businesses, sudden gun market changes, non complete transactions. Use our website at your OWN RISK.

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